Who Owns Earth?

Society today is currently facing many issues. Some of these issues include economics, social acceptance, and the environment. Although the other two issues prove to be important, the environment has been a struggle humans have been battling for years. After the industrial revolutions, the technological progress people began to make was instrumental. Human society began to progress with intense speed and continues to do so to this day. However, while the progress may be beneficial to humans, it is destroying our Earth. Chemicals are constantly being release into our atmosphere creating many problems such as a hole in the Ozone layer and high amounts of CO2. This is extremely harmful to the environment and adversely impacts those, humans, animals, and plants, who live in it. In the 1950s, Rachel Carson wrote a book called Silent Spring, which highlighted the issue of DDT and other harmful affects to the environment. She states that while humans are using DDT to benefit themselves, it is having extreme affects on the environment. If one species were to go extinct due to a chemical such as DDT, not only does it impact that species, but it also impacts those around it who are dependent upon it. Species depend on each other to survive and with humans imposing on nature in ways such as using insecticides, we are causing a detrimental impact on our earth. Carson states, “the most alarming of all man’s assaults upon the environment is the contamination of air, earth, rivers, and sea with dangerous and even lethal materials” (Carson 6). Despite the fact that this book was written in the 1950s, specifically about DDT, which is no longer used in America, the issues Carson addresses can be applied to the issues today. One of the main purposes of Carson’s book is to make people more aware of the effects of the chemical they are using. “Much of the necessary knowledge is now available,” but people are not using what they know to find solutions; instead, people are simply ignoring the problem (Carson 11). Unfortunately for us humans, our selfish acts will literally be the death of us. Because of the waste we produce, the forests we destroy and the seas we pollute, our Earth is deteriorating, at much faster rates as time goes on. It is important to take notice of the harmful affects what we are doing has on our environment in order to preserve the planet we have. Humans live in a delusion they are superior to nature, when in reality we are a part of it.

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