What Impacted Me the Most in this Course

One text/topic that had a large impact on the way I think is Between the World and Me, by Ta-Neshisi Coates. I understand that in the present day there are still serious issues regarding race and inequality, however, I grew up in a predominantly white town; therefore I can honestly say I do not believe I was fully aware of the true intensity of the issues. The part in the book that proved most striking to me was the topic of Coates’ children. He talks about how they still suffer from the same struggles, such as verbal abuse and violence, that previous generations have. Coates says, “… for all our differing worlds, at your age my feeling was exactly the same” (Coates 21), which is interesting because over the years there have been many reforms to work to improve these issues. Coates even mentions that in his childhood there was no black president, but now there is and still fears are the same. I have analyzed and used this passage many times this semester because to me personally it is very disheartening that despite the efforts to solve these issues, they are still so strongly present in society today. What more could we be doing to make it so that these issues are no longer such a huge part of society. Is it just a matter of time? I personally believe that these issues have improved simply based off of the history I have learned and the present conditions of this country. There is no longer segregation and there are many stories of successful people who started off in adverse conditions. Ben Carson is an extremely successful neurosurgeon and also ran for president of the United States for 2016. He grew up very poor, but worked through out his whole life to overcome the hardship he faced as a child. Now he is the head of the neuroscience department at John Hopkins University. When Coates talked about how even in this generation there are the same fears in a way it confused me. I understand that there are most definitely hardships in terms of race and society today, but there are also significant changes that are being made in order to help the situation. I think that all parents believe that their children are facing the same issues they were. The only things that changed are the different situations of each generation. The same feelings are the root of the struggles. Though it surprises me that Coates believes children now are still feeling the same, it also makes sense because it takes time for issues so large to be resolved.

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